Saturday, January 12, 2008

Time-filling nonsense post -- go!

Last week, I learned that the drive from my house to Job Number Two is exactly the length of The Decemberists' "The Tain." Today, I found out that the drive from my house to Pizza Place is exactly the length of LCD Soundsystem's "All My Friends."

I bought a six-pack of toilet paper last week. The packaging lists the usual pertinent information -- length of each roll, number of sheets, etc. -- and then lists...the total area of all the paper. Something like 180 square feet. This may be the most useless piece of information ever printed. Unless someone is going to use the stuff as wallpaper, I don't really see the need.

And Revolver is coming along. Regina is definitely working her Russian folk magic over there -- my efforts have been steady. This is actually the biggest problem for me: getting myself to work on it every day until it's done. And since enlisting the aid of a Regina Spektor JPEG, I have indeed written at least one word every single day. (On Friday, I in fact did write one word. The word was "fucking." Seriously.)

And in closing, here is some Mystery Science Theater 3000. Have a nice day.

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