Saturday, December 01, 2007

Shades 0

Hey, look -- it's Shades 0, the short film I directed eighty years ago! (Actually, it was five years ago, according to the calendar. But I don't buy it.)

The YouTube description I wrote:
Vacant Studios presents...SHADES 0!

Bad acting! Bad editing! Worse sound! Questionable camera work! 'Shades 0,' the homemade no-budget prequel to another homemade no-budget movie of which no copies still exist!

In 'Shades,' we met Stephen Howard, a visionary filmmaker struggling to succeed despite rampant incompetence (his own, and those around him). We heard only tales of his previous glory. But now, the full story can be known. 'Shades 0' follows the younger, idealistic Stephen Howard as he films his first smash hit, 'Atom Smashers 3: The Return of the Noble Gas.'

Watch as he assembles his cinematic dream team: Wu Chang Tcran, the Taiwanese screenwriter who ends up filling in wherever he's needed (because Howard forces him to)! Academy Award-winner Val-John Pierce, whose talent doesn't even come close to overshadowing his egotism, homophobia and racism! Nathaniel Stonesmithson, the man in the movie with the most ridiculous name! And the director's secret weapon -- his brother, Clint Howard! (Not that one!)

You're guaranteed to leave 'Shades 0' laughing! Well -- okay, maybe not *guaranteed.* Okay, you probably won't find it funny. Unless you were in it. And even then, maybe not.

(Filmed at our various homes sometime in late 2002/early 2003. Preserved here for all to see, thanks to the magic of the internet.)
I'd say more, but it really should stand on its own. Enjoy! I hope!

(And it's over thirty minutes long, and filled with profanity, so make sure you've got the time and the proper viewing environment.)

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