Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Note to self: don't ever piss off Hiro Nakamura

Heroes -- "Meh" +3. A fortunate lack of Why are you doing that, you goddamn moron?, and it will certainly hold up better, I think, than last season's clustered, rushed finale. My only real problem is just how inevitable it all felt -- I was a good three or four steps ahead of the entire predictable enterprise, including its "shocking!" conclusion. (Well, ahead of everything other than the sheer volume of viciousness revenge can extract from otherwise decent people. A dish best served cold, indeed.)

Though there's an interesting discussion to be had regarding time travel mechanics, paradoxes, and certain Irish women.

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  1. Sylar is strong to the 'finnich' 'cause he eats his spinach.

    And other people's brains.