Monday, December 24, 2007


To those who celebrate Christmas, may you have a merry one. To those who don't, happy Tuesday. I will spend mine at home, enjoying a rare day off by playing games on my shiny new PS3 and watching my favorite Christmas movies -- A Christmas Story and Die Hard.

If you have a machine than will play it, I cannot give Assassin's Creed a strong enough recommendation. There will be those who say the investigation missions are repetitive; I cannot help but agree. There will be those who say the game's ending is less a resolution and more a setup for Assassin's Creed 2; I must bow my head and concur. (Though, make sure you see the credits -- if you haven't seen the credits, you haven't really seen the ending.)

There are those with complaints, and those complaints may be valid. But here's the thing -- none of that stuff bothered me. Sure, there are only four different investigations you can perform to unlock the assassinations -- I loved them all, and wish there were more of them. I love the combat, love the story, love the characters, love the graphics, the art, the assassinations, the music -- the game is fucking brilliant. EGM can kiss my ass. (X-Play, on the other hand, adored it, giving it a full five stars and giving it a slew of nominations at its end-of-year awards. That's more like it.)

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