Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yeah, and Lost is coming back in a couple months, too, so get ready

Hey, remember when I wouldn't shut up about the Decemberists? Like, every single bloody post would either mention them or post a video by them or reference them in some way or another? Too bad I ran out of their music to post, huh? Good thing they stopped recording for a while after The Crane Wife came out.

Oops: here's "Valerie Plame," one of the best songs of the year.

They've put together a series of three singles called Always the Bridesmaid, and they've got a new album out next year.

Seriously, if you just buy all of their back catalog, I'll let it go. I promise.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Oh, how it's been so long/We're so sorry we've been gone...

I woke up this morning next to the woman I love. It was the first time we slept in our new apartment, which is magnificent. We stayed in bed together, watching television and combing the internet for adoptable puppies. (She wants a Saint Bernard. Actually, she wants five. Or seven. And a whole menagerie of other creatures: "I want to be like Noah," she says. But we're gonna start with a puppy. And, of course, Rufus, her guinea pig, who's hiding underneath the bed lining in his little house as I write this.) We stayed there until nearly five in the afternoon, watching Animal Planet and celebrating when the new BCS standings were released. (I have become a fan of Alabama college football by proxy, and thus I say to you, Roll tide!) Eventually, we went out in search of food. We ate delicious hamburgers at Fuddruckers, returned to her old apartment for a few items, stopped to pick up a football game for my PS3 we can play together, and then came back home. I set up her DVD player, and the two of us watched an entire disc's worth of episodes from the second season of 24 -- have to catch up before the two-hour movie event airs in a few weeks, and there's a lot to get done.

A few months ago, when I was mired in bleak, hopeless depression, a friend asked me to imagine what a perfect day would be like. I couldn't do it.

This day, though? I'd have to say this day was pretty close.

My blog missed me. I missed it, too.

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