Saturday, September 17, 2005

DVD Frame Grab Quiz #1

(Listening to: The Mars Volta, Frances the Mute)

The next episode of Revolver, "Careful With That Axe, Eugene," is under construction and will be ready within the next few days. I promise.

Now, some of you may have been wondering what happened to my List of the Week feature. I haven't done one in a while. There were a few problems: I was really tired on Sundays when it came time to write it; I didn't have my computer (and still don't -- I'm still banging away on a loaner); but most importantly, it was really hard to come up with lists.

So: a change of plan. I'll be doing lists every other week now -- that'll give me plenty of time to come up with ideas. And on the off-weeks, I'll steal an idea from film critic Bryant Frazer and present the DVD Frame Grab Quiz.

This one's really simple. I select -- completely at random -- three DVDs from my collection. I then proceed to capture a frame from each one, and it's your job to guess from whence they came. Easy, no? I'll make it as hard as I can without cheating and capturing a shot of someone's rear tire or something. (And no snagging clips from special features or anything like that. I play fair.)

Since it's a random choice which discs are chosen, there's no overriding least, not intentionally. And for each quiz, I'll provide one hint -- how helpful it is may vary.

If you need help, you can find a link to my DVD collection over on the right. You can e-mail or IM your guesses to me, or feel free to leave them in the comments.

So here we go. Your hint this time: only two of the three frames are from movies.

Good luck. Larger versions of the images can be found here -- don't click on the images themselves.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fair enough

You are Captain Malcolm Reynolds, aka. Mal or
Captain Tightpants. You saw most of your men
die in a war you lost and now you seek solitude
with a small crew that you are fiercely devoted
to. You have no problems being naked.

Which Firefly character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I still don't have my computer back -- no word yet on when I will.

But I am having cable installed on Tuesday. So that's cool.

I have also ruled myself forbidden from listening to, reading, or watching any news for the next two days. Because I was getting so increasingly angry last week that I was starting to feel sick. So I've cut myself off. We'll see how long my self-imposed exile lasts -- since I usually read a lot of news and political blogs, I'll have to distract myself somehow.

Ooh, cookies.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Our finest hour arrives

(Listening to: Dave Matthews Band, Stand Up)

Tonight's setlist:

The Stone. (!!!!!)
One Sweet World.
Louisiana Bayou. (An unspeakably awesome version, too.)
Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives). (!!)
Crash Into Me.
Say Goodbye. (!!!!)
Hunger for the Great Light.
Lie in Our Graves. (Which clocked in somewhere around 15 minutes, and was unspeakably awesome.)
What Would You Say.
American Baby Intro. (Which was so awesome it gave me chills.)
You Might Die Trying.
Smooth Rider. (Which was so good that I hate the truncated album version even more now.)
All Along the Watchtower. (See AB Intro.)

American Baby.
What You Are. (See Watchtower.)

Holy shit, dude.


I thought I didn't want to hear "Crash Into Me." Steve and I were talking about that beforehand.

But they started playing it. And everyone -- everyone -- was singing along. A massive sea of people all locked into the same wavelength. Everyone even knew the "Dixie chicken/Tennessee lamb" part that's not on the album.

It was almost hypnotic.

And Boyd Tinsley -- yo, someone ate their Wheaties this morning. He was crazy tonight. On the DVDs, I've seen him wander his side of the stage during his solos...but tonight, he was racing around everywhere, even over in Leroi's face. Damn!

At one point -- it was after "Louisiana Bayou," I think -- Dave said to the crowd, "Thank you, everybody." I immediately responded with, "No, thank you." The people around me seconded that.

Sorry, Metallica -- this was the greatest concert I've ever seen. More emotion, more virtuoso solos, more "The Stone" (as an opener, holy crap), and far less Fred Durst. (Though DMB's opening act, Victor Wooten, did jump all over the stage like a spaz just like Freddie, he was playing the most incredible bass I've ever heard while he was doing so. When he wasn't swinging the instrument around his body like a hula-hoop, that is.)

I couldn't afford to buy a t-shirt, but I did buy a Firedancer sticker. That's going on my car tomorrow.

And next up: Carlin.