Friday, January 25, 2008

No, maybe it's the one where somebody gets possessed by an energy being, or gets trapped on the holodeck

So the next Bond film will be titled Quantum of Solace. Which is, probably, the worst movie title I've ever heard in my life. It sounds like a Voyager episode title.

"'Quantum of Solace'? Is that the one where some sort of temporal anomaly affects the ship, and everything goes all crazy and main characters start dying, and then they repair the anomaly and everything goes back to normal like nothing ever happened?"
"Well, I never saw it. But yes."

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  1. It's a single, indivisible entity of solace energy.

    The next Bond will have choppy black hair that covers one eye, plus black eyeliner and numerous facial piercings. He will wear wristbands to cover the cuts he made on himself.

    He will ever be searching for that quantum of solace that he knows, deep down, no one can ever achieve. Because the world sucks, and no one understands his pain. Also, his mom didn't let him go to the movies.

  2. I guess My Chemical Romance will be doing the theme song.

    Quantum of solace
    Portion of comfort
    A handful of peace