Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cloverfield (review...sorta)

JAN 22 1:32 PM

MY SISTER: By the way, Cloverfield is probably the worst movie ever made.
ME: Huh. That's weird, 'cause I saw it last night, and I really liked it.
MY SISTER: You're kidding.
ME: No.
MY SISTER: You're kidding!
ME: No. I thought it was quite good.
MY SISTER: It was awful! I threw up twice. Threw up. Twice.
ME: That's because you have a weak stomach.
MY SISTER: It was because of the [demonstrates shaky camera].
ME: Yeah, you have a weak stomach. I was fine.
MY SISTER: And it had no story!
ME: What are you talking about? FRINAN said that, too, that it had no story.
MY SISTER: It didn't have a story. At all. It was just..some guy....
ME: It was just some guy, racing through New York City in a desperate attempt to save the woman he loves as an inexplicable, unstoppable monster destroys the world around him.
ME: That...sounds like a story to me....
MY SISTER: And where did the monster come from?
ME: Who cares?
MY SISTER: Who cares? I do.
ME: I didn't.
MY SISTER: It never said.
ME: That wasn't really the point of the movie. But it actually kinda did. You weren't paying attention.
MY SISTER: What? When?
ME: [reveals subtle clue I won't reveal here to avoid spoiling anything]
MY SISTER: Oh. Oh. I didn't see that.
ME: Too busy puking?
MY SISTER: Well, you're the only one who liked it. Everyone else hates it.
ME: I saw it with several other people, and they all enjoyed it.
MY SISTER: But it was terrible!
ME: We didn't think so.
MY SISTER: Well, you're stupid.
ME: You're stupid.

Rating: **** (out of *****)

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  1. This is better banter than Siskel and Ebert could ever manage.