Monday, January 28, 2008

Don't even ask me how the dog managed to survive in the first place

Okay. Nobody who read this watches Lost. That hasn't stopped me from talking about it before, so I see no reason for it to stop me now. And, dammit, I have to tell someone.

So they've been doing their "mobisodes" for the past few months, running little two-minute mini-episodes online to hype the new season (which starts Thursday, aw yeah). Now, most of these have, shall we say, sucked the big one. They're trapped by their own edict: they want every peripheral part of Lost outside the show to be canonical and important, but they can't make it too important, because most of the viewers don't know any of that stuff. So we're stuck with filling in blanks (or the "Missing Pieces," the title of the series), like showing Juliet confessing her duplicity to Jack -- a scene we know occurred, because Jack told everyone she told him, but didn't see because, well, it was unnecessary. We've gone through twelve of these things, and they've pretty, and nice, and it's fun to see any Lost at all.

But the thirteenth and final mobisode was released today. And Jesus-Christ-on-a-fish-biscuit, look at this:

For the uninitiated: the dog is Vincent, who belongs to Walt, one of the survivors. The guy waking up in the jungle, of course, is Jack -- his part is actually just the beginning of the pilot (the first image on the show is that shot of his eye). And the guy talking to the dog? Jack's dad, Christian. Jack's dad was on the plane, too, but he wasn't with Jack. He was the luggage compartment. In a coffin. Because he was dead.

Jack later saw his father on the island, and those appearances were written off as either island-induced hallucinations or the Smoke Monster. But when Jack saw him, he was dressed exactly as he's dressed here. Could this be the Monster again? The only other time we think we've seen the Monster in human form was when it (maybe) took the shape of Eko's brother. The apparition taunted him, saying, "You speak to me as if I was your brother." Christian, though, refers to Jack personally, telling the dog to "wake up my son." And what is the "work" he has to do? Looking after the survivors? Leading them? Kick-starting the series?

And wait, he talks to the dog? And the dog understands?!


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