Monday, January 07, 2008

He'd love to stay and chat longer, but the horses got out last night and he desperately needs to lock the barn doors

Of course, immediately after I finish excoriating Roger Clemens for being a flabby, whiny douchebag who won't sue his accuser because it's -- guffaw -- too expensive, he announces that yes, he will sue the guy after all.

Great, Roger. I hope the truth comes out. I hope I was wrong.

But where were you a fucking month ago? Why did you wait this long?

And most importantly: take that arrogance and put it away. You have no right to get mad at me because I don't just blindly accept your divinity. Be angry with McNamee, he's the guy allegedly lying about you.

God, I wish you would just go away. And never come back.

Take Bonds with you.

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