Friday, October 19, 2007

Nice try

You have to be a pretty good pitcher to make the other team fear you when they've won three in a row and just need one more to win the series altogether.

Josh Beckett is that good.

The guy is just insanely good in the postseason -- he's thrown something like three shutouts in the playoffs in his career, and he shut the Indians down completely in Game 1. So for last night's game, the Indians needed some way -- any way -- to get in his head, even though they were up 3-1. So what did they do? Alter their approach at the plate? Switch around their starting lineup? Change uniforms?

No. They got his ex-girlfriend to sing the National Anthem. I swear to you, this actually happened. The Indians claim it was "unintentional." Riiiiight.

I'm not sure what's funnier: that the Indians actually brought Josh Beckett's ex to sing the anthem before he pitched perhaps the most crucial game of his career, or that it didn't work: Beckett was brilliant again and the Sox escaped to fight another day.

Next time, get Carl Lewis to sing the National Anthem. That will be a distraction.

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