Sunday, October 07, 2007

Gee, Chang not see that coming

Rawga Clemens gave up three runs and left in the third inning with a hamstring injury. Wow, that's a surprise. Were you surprised? I was surprised. That's eleventy billion dollars well-spent, eh, Yankees? Of course, the rest of the team actually managed to pull it together and win the damn game without him, which shows they still have some spark. That actually is a shock.

A-Rod's postseason batting average is now .200, if you're counting. Which I am. For no real reason, except that the other playoffs series were all three-and-out (so much for my baseless prediction of the Angels winning it all), so the Yanks-Indians are all I have to focus on.

I dread the Yankees making a comeback. Not only because I hate the Yankees, and certainly not because I like the Indians, but because really -- do we want to see the Red Sox and Yankees again? That rivalry is played out, seriously. It's like watching Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker for the fourteenth time to headline a pay-per-view. Move on!

(That's a wrestling reference that not everyone will understand. But the analogy is potent, I assure you. For fun, figure out which of those teams would be the Undertaker.)

Ah well. May the best team win! Unless it's the Yankees.

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