Saturday, October 20, 2007

First person to make an off-color joke about his relationship with Harry gets the Avada Kedavra

J.K. Rowling announced during a recent book signing that Dumbledore is gay. Fans have long "speculated on [his] sexuality," which is news to me, but whatever. I don't swing with the fan fiction crowd, and I'm starting to be very, very glad.

I have nothing to add to this that would be considered constructive.

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  1. I read someone's comment elsewhere who equated homosexuality to potential pedophilia by saying that "it makes his relationship with Harry somewhat awkward now."

    People are dumb, and I hate Middle America, and in other news, the sky is blue and grass is green.

  2. You know, what puzzles me is why Madame Rowling waited until *after* the books were published to drop her little bombshell. "Yes, now that the series is all over, and you've already finished everything, and I already have your money, here's this piece of information that would have had torch-wielding lunatics who banned my books calling for my head."

    Actually, that's a pretty good explanation right there.