Thursday, July 19, 2007

I have funny friends

I don't know if I'm going get around to Hunter recaps again -- I'm writing several other things at the moment -- some dealing with you-know-what -- and all of them take precedence. (I can write these blog posts because they take ten minutes at the absolute maximum; a Hunter recap tends to take a great deal longer, and I'd rather spend time on other things.) I might briefly wrap up the remainder of the season if I get a chance, but no promises.

But I couldn't let this pass by without comment. In last night's game, the Hunters found themselves cornered and outnumbered by werewolves. The wolves did not mince words: they were there to kill the Hunters, for no adequately explained reason. (They found out why later, of course.)

The leader of this pack of wolves tried to make it clear that the Hunters didn't have to fight -- they were outnumbered by a superior foe, and there was no need for bloodshed and agony. Unfortunately for her, Willem -- the Dr. Smith of our little group -- undercut the seriousness of her little speech. To quote the episode:

"Now. We can make this painless--"
"YES!" *relieved fist-pump*

That right there became my new favorite quote for our Hunter game. It eclipses the old one, which was from back in season two -- the Hunters were investigating a ghost, and tracked down a woman who used to be a friend of hers...

"We were college roommates."
"Ah. Were you roommates?"

I enjoy our Hunter game.

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