Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am hopelessly screwed

I knew my name was going to bite my ass one day:
After all, whether it is on a school register, at a job interview, or in the exam hall, people with surnames towards the start of the alphabet are used to being first.

Given that we often associate the top of a list with winners and the bottom with losers, could all of these small experiences add up and make a long-term impact on someone's life?

Everyone participating in the Telegraph experiment was asked to indicate their sex, age, surname and rate how successful they had been in various aspects of their life, such as their health, finances, career, and "life in general". Scores in all these categories were added up to obtain an overall "measure of success".

The results revealed that readers whose surnames began with letters at the beginning of the alphabet did indeed rate themselves as significantly more successful overall than those with surnames starting with lowly, end-of-the-alphabet initials.
Damn you, father! Damn you!!!


  1. you know all that could mean is that those people are more arrogant than those who have come at the end. I mean isn't the saying save the best for last. In your case it doesn't apply because you suck, but you get the point.

  2. Your words are an unceasing source of comfort for me. I can't even begin to tell you.