Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Well, there's that, at least

So the Astros suck pretty badly right now, huh? Nine straight losses is never, ever a good thing. It looks like it'll take another Miracle Astros Summer for them to even approach a .500 record, let alone the playoffs. And Lance Berkman needs to get slapped -- come on, Fat Elvis! The team kinda needs you to play well to win.

But hey -- there is the silver lining. 'Cause as bad as the Astros are playing, the Yankees are playing just as badly, and they're even further out of first place than we are. Even though Rawga Clemens hasn't made his return yet, the announcement of his imminent second coming was supposed to be the fire the Yankees needed, the spark to get them playing again. According to a graphic I saw on ESPN yesterday, they were 14-15 at the time of that announcement, and they're 7-14 ever since. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

But I must stay focused in support of my Astros. They are the hometown team, right? And I have to support the hometown team.

Though I used to live in Los technically...the Dodgers could be my hometown team. And they're playing great.


How 'bout them Dodgers?

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