Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Don't fear the reaper

Last week, I posited my picks for the five future corpses on Lost. They were off-the-top of my head choices, not something I put thought into. But now, Airfon and I have decided to make a friendly wager out of it: we each pick five, whoever gets the most right wins. A Quizznos sandwich is on the line. My honor will not be defeated!

The really glorious thing, of course, is that Lost is so batshit crazy that it could be anybody. Hell, I've rethought my picks three times while typing this far.

So here's your dead pool, for real this time, for tonight's massive season finale, "Through the Looking Glass":

Sayid. Hasn't done anything interesting since the second season, and it's time to either give him a serious role or kill him. I'm voting "kill him."

Charlie. If they go through all this "You're gonna die, Charlie" stuff and then don't kill him, it will look kinda ridiculous. Then again, that would be the kind of swerve they get off on.

Bernard. Hasn't been seen all season, then pops up again in a prominent role in last week's episode? That's a coincidence. Sure.

Jack. Hey, one of them has to be truly shocking. Plus, Jack gets flashbacks in this week's episode, and he tearfully says "I love you" to Kate in the trailer. I doubt he'd do that without an imminent bullet to the face.

Jin. Same reason as I said before -- angst, baby! And hey, the new kid just wouldn't be a Lost character if it didn't have some daddy issues.

Those are my five. Of course, Desmond could go. Or Tom. Ben. Or Hurley. Or Sawyer -- Sawyer could definitely die. Rose. Claire. Mikhail -- Patchy could eat it, for sure. Sun. Danielle. Alex. Karl....

There are a lot of possibilities, is what I'm saying.

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