Monday, August 02, 2004

Secret Window

Man alive, is Johnny Depp on a roll. Secret Window marks his third straight remarkable performance -- after Once Upon a Time in Mexico and that pirate movie -- where he once again manages to lift an already decent movie to a higher level by his presence. This time, he's Mort Rainey, a writer tormented by accusations of plagiarism from the mysterious John Shooter (John Turturro). Rainey denies it, of course, but Shooter won't take "go away" for an answer and begins to mount the pressure and Rainey tries to prove his innocence, all leading up to a conclusion you'll most likely see coming from several reels out. But it's fun getting there. Writer/director David Koepp (who wrote Panic Room) stays pretty faithful to Stephen King's novella, though he wisely alters the conclusion slightly to include a hilarious sick joke that I loved. But really, once again, Depp is the man. I said it last year, and it got him to a nomination, but seriously: give this man an Oscar.

Rating: ***1/2

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