Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This post is a perfect example of why I can't manage to get any writing done in my house

I just redid the Links section of this here blog, which you can see down there on the right. Great websites, all.

And damn Tycho to hell -- I read about Garfield Minus Garfield in someone else's blog post yesterday, but he got around to hyping it before I got a chance. Bastard!

In addition to buying the new Beth Kinderman album, this weekend will probably also find me purchasing the Lost video game. As previously discussed, I simply cannot help myself: I am a Lost whore. Nothing can be done.

I just remembered that I bought Stephen King's Duma Key, like, two weeks ago, and haven't really started reading it yet. I'll get to it. Some day.

Is that enough procrastination for you? Can I actually get some work done now?

*shakes Magic 8-ball*

Very doubtful.


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