Thursday, February 07, 2008

If I could give it a gold medal, too, I would

How good was tonight's episode of Lost, "Confirmed Dead"? I give it *****. Or a 10. Or an A+. Two thumbs up. Lost is, as I've maintained before, the best television show of the last ten years, and I would say that "Confirmed Dead" was one of the ten best episodes. Or, one of the five best. Or three best.

Okay, it might have been the best episode ever.

Mini Boss and I watched it tonight at Pizza Place, and could barely sit still in our excitement with each incredible moment. There were about fifty incredible moments, of course, so by the end I was practically pacing around the dining room. Oh, who am I kidding? I was pacing around the dining room.

Over the next hour, we dissected the episode while trying to do our actual jobs. We tossed around crackpot theories, laughed at our favorite parts, and speculated on next week's episode. Mini Boss raged against the producers who don't want to pay the writers more money.

God, it's good to have Lost back again.

And more good news? According to Michael Eisner, the Writers' Guild has been given a deal, the leadership has agreed to it, and it's going to the Guild members for a vote on Saturday.

We'll see, won't we?

As a reward for indulging in my Lost obsession (I know you don't care), here is another Decemberists video. You're welcome.

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