Monday, November 12, 2007

Inconsequential nonsense

There is a gray area that lies between "everything is nominal" and "this problem needs to be solved immediately." When problems arise in this space, it can be weeks (or months) (or years) before I get around to solving them. Is it because I'm lazy? No. No, it's because...actually, yes, it's because I'm lazy. Or, in this instance, it's because I'm broke. And lazy.

The morning after the Regina Spektor concert, I retrieved my iPod from the pocket of the pants in which they'd been left, and found it damaged: the display was cracked. Not the outer transparent part; the actual LCD underneath that was shattered. (How this occurred, I have no idea.) The liquid crystal was leaking from the crack, creating a bruise-like purple spot on the face of the display. When turned on, the bruise turned black, and random black lines appeared in the window, rather than the usual options.

"Oh -- fuck!" I yelled. My iPod was almost certainly no longer under warranty (though I honestly don't know; I bought it over a year ago, and I think it's only a one-year deal), and I can't fix this. And I have nowhere near enough cash to buy a new one.

But then I took it out to my car, hooked it up to the car stereo, works. It works just fine. And since the interface goes through my car stereo's display and not the iPod's, the functionality isn't hindered at all. Once disconnected, of course, it becomes much more cumbersome, but 95% of the time I'm using my iPod, I'm using it in my car.

So: it's a problem. But it falls directly into that glorious gray area. So don't look for this one to get fixed anytime soon.

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