Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If you're going to savagely attack someone, you don't knock politely at their hotel room door first

Heroes -- "Meh" -1. Naught but a massive setup for next week's big finale, the events of which seemed to be largely given away by the previews. But I could be wrong. (I better be wrong about one particular plot development, anyway -- the demise of the show's only truly great character would not endear me to future episodes.)

But this episode seemed a huge exercise in "How stupid can we possibly make our characters act all at the same time?" The Idiot Ball was passed around all over the map, from Peter to Mohinder (who owns the ball and keeps it in his satchel when not in use) to Micah and...uh, whatever his cousin's name is, to Alejandro (wait, could you speak English this whole time?!) to Elle. (Why'd she take the car keys out of the ignition in the first place?)

But seriously, people: kill who I think you're about to kill, and I'll never watch the show again. Especially if the worst character on the show does the deed. Don't you dare.

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