Thursday, November 08, 2007

Falling with style

Poor little rich boy, all the couples have gone
You wish that they hadn't, you don't want to be alone
But they wanna kiss and they got homes of their own
Poor little rich boy, all the couples have gone
They've gone, they've gone

And you don't love your girlfriend
You don't love your girlfriend
And you think that you should-- you think you -- you --


She puts her face in her hands and giggles for a second. "Okay, okay..."

And you think that she -- you should --

"Fuck! What the fuck is it?" She turns to the audience. "Does anybody here know the words to the song that I fucking wrote?"

She spends a few minutes trying to get suggestions from the front row. Then: "Who would write that? What kind of song is that?"

She returns to the piano, cues it up, and...screws it up again. "Oh, fuck it!" she cries with a laugh, and continues the song, pounding her drumstick with a fervor that even Lars Ulrich could appreciate.

The chorus comes around again. And...

And you think that you should but she thinks that she’s fat
But she isn’t but you don’t love her anyway

She nails it! She pauses for a second, looks to the ceiling, and yells "Yes!" The crowd erupts.

Regina Spektor botching the living shit out of "Poor Little Rich Boy" is a million times more entertaining than most artists playing their songs correctly.

The songs she didn't mess up were great, too.

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  1. That concert experience sounds awesomer than the one I had. She just murdalized her guitar with the whammy bar.

  2. Susy posted a YouTube vid of Poor Little Rich Boy.

    Oh yeah, why don't you tell the nice folks at home about the game we thought up?

  3. Judith9:21 AM