Friday, August 31, 2007

Blowin' in the wind

It started while I was watching Veronica Mars a little while ago. There was a sound just below the too-hip-for-my-taste soundtrack and the excellent dialogue. A vaguely musical sound.

At first, I thought it was simply part of the show -- background noise. But the scene changed, then came to an act break and faded out, and the sound continued.

I thought it might be my cell phone, so I walked to the next room to check it. Nope. Though it did ring a few minutes later, and I got to explain to Tommy why he should buy anamorphic widescreen DVDs to Tommy. (I didn't mind. I love explaining shit to people.)

And the noise continued. I thought it might be my computer -- maybe I'd left Firefox open on a website with an annoying advertisement. But no -- my laptop wasn't even on.

And then I heard it again, clearer and louder, and I realized it was coming from outside my bedroom window. I looked out. And there it was.

A little kid was playing the harmonica. A little cheap toy harmonica. No real tune or melody to speak of, just blowing through it and created random notes.

I wish I could play the harmonica.

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