Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dan Wheeler is a bad closer and a sore loser

When your team is playing poorly and you've just given up four runs to blow a lead late, and the starter pitcher whose win you just threw away comes up to comfort you, there's obviously only one correct response:
Houston reliever Dan Wheeler blew a save, then shoved starter Chris Sampson in the dugout on Wednesday night, an ugly twist to the Astros' frustrating season....

Sampson, who pitched seven strong innings, tried to console Wheeler when he came back to the dugout. Wheeler turned and shoved Sampson with both hands, then yelled at Sampson to go to the other end of the dugout.

Yeah, how 'bout those Dodgers, huh?


  1. Steve4:28 PM

    Adam Everett is gonna be out 4-8 weeks. He collided with Chunky Bastard #Dos on a popup by Jason Kendall. Adam's leg got caught under the rotund one and he fractured his fibula (I think). Maybe THIS is rock bottom and we can start coming back from the cellar steps.

  2. *string of profanity*
    *breaks window*
    *replaces window*
    *breaks it again*