Monday, April 16, 2007


The Chicago Cubs spent roughly eighteen bazillion dollars in the offseason, loading up their roster with as much talent as they could. This year, by god, the Cubs will be contenders!

And then, of course, Kerry Wood got hurt...again. And then Mark Prior got hurt...again. And now, their crown jewel, Alfonso Soriano -- they gave this guy $136 million to bat in the wrong spot in the lineup (leading off, when he would clearly benefit the team more hitting third or fourth) and play out of position (in center field, despite the fact that (a) he's a second baseman, and not a bad one at that, and (b) the Nationals forced him to play left field last year and he hated it), and guess what.

Yes, he's only day-to-day, and it's only April 16. But still -- bwahahaha!

And hey, the Astros won tonight -- they loaded the bases in the ninth with no one out, Morgan Ensberg came up, and the Voyeur actually got a base hit to drive in the winning run! Will wonders never cease?

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