Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Called that putt too early

Last week I mourned the sad demise of Avalon Games, a local mom-and-pop-esque gaming store. I also mentioned the vanishing of its evil older cousin, Horizon Games. I was upset at these events, you'll recall.

Well, René pointed out right away that Horizon Games wasn't closed at all, they just moved to a new location off the feeder road a few blocks away. And while driving past the old Avalon Games today, I noticed people moving things in and out of the store and a huge yellow sign that said PREDATOR GAMES OPEN THIS SATURDAY.


In other news, when I got to Pizza Inn today, Ali had the television on (as he usually does) CNN Headline News. They were talking, of course, about Virginia Tech.

First of all, the story is emotional enough, and the various anchors and reporters were conveying the proper note of empathy and sympathy. But they replaced their normal bumper music with this faux-Richard Marx twinkly piano shit that was the fakest attempt at emotion I've ever heard.

But mostly, the coverage was classy and subdued. The news that the guns used in the massacre were purchased and acquired legally surprised no one in the room.

Following that news hour came the show belonging to Glenn Beck, the Most Obnoxious Man on Television. Seeing the pain coming, I told Airfon, "If that asshole says that the solution to this problem is less gun control and more guns, I'm going to scream."

But Glenn Beck wasn't there -- some bald wingnut I saw on Real Time a few weeks ago was guest hosting. Among the first words out of this mouth: "Tonight, we'll speaking with Ted Nugent."

I screamed.

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