Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I am certifiably insane

I am. It's true. What else can explain it?

I went into Job Number Two this morning. About twenty minutes after clocking in, the cooks made a startling discovery: the natural gas that powers our ovens was, well, out. No gas. Meaning no ovens. Meaning we can't cook anything. You see how that might be a problem for a restaurant. In any case, with customers walking in and walking right back out again, I was told my services would not be required for the day. So I came home, grateful for a few extra hours off.

I did some reading. (Chuck Palahniuk is an odd duck, ladies and gentlemen.) I took a nap. It was good -- very, very good. And when I awoke, what was the first thing that popped into my head?

"Whoa -- Brent from Corner Gas was in an episode of The X-Files!"

He played a coroner in "Bad Blood," one of my favorite episodes. He appears for maybe a minute, has three or four lines. The last time I saw the episode, I hadn't seen Corner Gas. But now I have, and now I realize that it was him.

This information, of course, came from nowhere. I haven't seen the episode in years. But a quick trip to IMDB confirmed it. I was right.

And I'm a goddamn lunatic, is what I am.

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  1. Robert1:54 PM

    this is the one where mulder breaks the chair and you see some one place the perfectly shaped stake on the pile of broken wood? yeah it was enjoyable.