Saturday, March 08, 2008

Right next to godliness

A gaggle of friends came over last night. We played various games on the Wii until the, uh, wee hours of the morning, and a good time was had by all.

When they arrived, though, René let out a startled cry. "Jesus H. Christ!" he yelled as he walked into my living room.

My living room

I have a carpet!

The cleaning process took about three hours, and was executed with extreme prejudice. Old mail, old trash, pizza boxes, cellophane wrappers from DVD cases, and other shit that was sitting on the floor for months because I'm a lazy bastard for some incomprehensible reason -- all gone. Under the filth, I found that table, and I don't even know who that belonged to. FRINAN, I think.

Of course, there's still the unsightly Ethernet cord stretching across the floor, but I can't do anything about that unless I move my computer into the living room...which I might end up doing. I also found an old Empire Strikes Back poster in the mess, and I'll probably put that on the wall over the bookshelf.

And if I should backslide? If I should let the garbage start to pile again?

The top of my television

Altaïr will take care of that.

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