Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The thin line between anticipation and dread

So, as I'm sure you can piece together yourself from my new countdown item, they've finally done it: a Silent Hill movie will be coming to theaters in April.

This is both spectacular news and cause for alarm. Obviously, my blatant bias and unabashed love toward the series of games makes me excited to see the film. And Sean Bean -- a.k.a. Boromir -- is there, too, which is cool. And a flash animation released by Sony, which features footage from the film, is certainly impressive in the extreme.

But, on the other hand, the director is the guy who directed the gawdawful Brotherhood of the Wolf, to this day disdainfully referred to by Trebor and me as "that French movie." And let's not kid ourselves: this is a video game movie. Even without Uwe fucking Boll, they usually (make that always) end up crap.

So, I must see this movie, no matter what...but I'm also dreading it.

But then again, it can't possibly be worse than Resident Evil, can it? Or Resident Evil: Apocalypse? Surely not.

("Yes," the voice says. "Yes. Of course it can. And it will hurt even more.")


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