Monday, January 02, 2006

Best thread ever

(listening to: Busted Stuff, Dave Matthews Band)

Over at the Straight Dope, I came upon this:

Which is about the most interesting forum discussion I've seen in awhile. Certainly better than the horrible whining I read on the Dave Matthews Band forums. Or the Counting Crows forums. Or the Metallica forums. Or the World of Darkness forums. Or...any forums, really.

And isn't this -- the thread, not the whining -- just a goofy mystery novella waiting to happen? Space! I think it would be fun. It'd be called Compression, or Vacuum, or One Small Stab for Man or something really dumb. The Eagle Has Landed...and Died!

I'm also reminded of the Eddie Izzard bit, with Neil and Buzz inventing a monster on the moon for entertainment and/or cash. "He's got my arm, I think he knows jujitsu...Leave a million -- no, two, two million dollars in cash, in a bag by the Sea of Tranquility...."

But if we discover that murder in space isn't covered by any jurisdiction, I think we should start planning a lot more manned flights. First passenger list: Johnny Knoxville, Ron Howard, Donald Rumsfeld ("Do I want to die in space? No. Do I believe the Martians have weapons of mass destruction? Yes. Can we win the war at Wolf 359? Yes."), and everyone who has ever particpated, win or lose, in American Idol. Including Paula Abdul.

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