Monday, February 26, 2007

If only Marky Mark could have won, too

Well, it's about motherfucking time, isn't it?

Yes, Marty finally wins that which has so long eluded him. I couldn't be happier. Especially because, unlike the win I wanted him to get for The Aviator, this isn't just a pity fuck: The Departed was, hands-down, the best film of 2006, and to see the Academy finally rise up and honor him at exactly the right moment is beyond spectacular.

In other happy news, the Tragically Hip, that Canadian band I won't shut up about, is actually playing a show here in Texas for some reason. The why doesn't bother me, but the where is a little oddball: they're playing at Scout Bar. Yeah, a bar. Well outside of Houston. It's next to Half-Price Books, and within sight of an IHOP and a Long John Silver's. I work a a few miles from there. And one of the biggest bands in Canada is forced to play a show there? The following week, Vanilla Ice (I'm not joking, Vanilla fucking Ice) will perform at the venue. Meanwhile, Nickelback would probably sell out back-to-back concerts at fucking Reliant Stadium. God, this country has bad taste.

But hey: Marty! Yeah!

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