Wednesday, October 18, 2006

1 Canadian vs. 1,000 Asians (I love this video)

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This is the video for "In View," the first single from World Container, the new album by one of my very very favorite bands, the Tragically Hip. You gotta love the way the video completely disregards the song it's apparently for, cutting out to silence and occasionally another song altogether. But it's fun.

I would have the album already (it released yesterday), but I don't really have the money, and Amazon -- which is the only place I have access to that I think would have it -- wants $31.49 + shipping for it. Plus, they won't even have it for another week.

'Cause, see, it's an import. From way over on the other side of the globe: CANADA.

Gotta love internet commerce.

(And if you've never heard -- or heard of -- the Tragically Hip...well, obviously you're from the U.S., like me. I got lucky and saw the rerun of their SNL performance, and have been a huge fan ever since. You should be, too.)

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