Thursday, June 05, 2003

Three updates in one day. Yeah, baby.

Exposure, Scene 3

Back to the house. Kyle is putting some things away. As he’s walking past, he sees the photo. He picks it up and looks at it.

From behind him – JACK: “I hate that fucking picture.”

Kyle turns around, wearing different clothes. (Flashback.)

KYLE: “It’s not bad.”

JACK: “I look like a douche.”

KYLE: “It’s not that bad.”

JACK: “You look like a douche, too.”

Kyle chuckles and puts the picture down.

JACK: “Have you talked to Sarah recently?”

Kyle freezes for a millisecond – it’s barely noticeable. “...Not since the weekend, when we went bowling.” Pause. “Why?”

JACK: “She’s just acting weird lately. She’s…distant.”

Kyle doesn’t respond. Jack shakes his head.

JACK: “It’s probably nothing. You know me – always inflating the little things. Mountains out of anthills.”

KYLE: “Molehills.”

JACK: “Whatever.”

From off-screen, we hear the voice of Sarah: “Kyle?”

Kyle snaps back to the present.

KYLE: “In here, Sarah.”

Sarah enters. She looks around.

SARAH: “You cleaned up? Jesus. You know, sometimes I think our relationship is a cover for something.”

Kyle fixes her with a half-angry glare.

She laughs, crosses to him and puts an arm around his shoulder. “I’m kidding, Kyle. Nothing wrong with cleanliness.”

KYLE: “Right next to godliness.”

SARAH: “You talk to Brandon?”

KYLE: “Yeah. He’s coming. Bringing Reggie.”

SARAH: “Who’s Reggie?”

KYLE: “New guitarist.”

SARAH: “Ah.”

KYLE: “Where’s your brother?”

SARAH: “Locked in that cavern he calls a bedroom. Working on some new story, doesn’t want to leave. He’s coming, though.”

KYLE: “Are you sure?”

SARAH: “He said he was.”

KYLE: “He said he was coming last year, too.”

SARAH: “He won’t miss it this year. He can’t.”

KYLE: “Yeah.”

They look at the picture.

SARAH: “I miss him.”

KYLE: “So do I.”

They look some more.

KYLE: “He said I looked like a douche in that picture.”

SARAH: “Well…”

Kyle gives another glare. Sarah laughs. Kyle does, too.

It comes alive, and I die a little more

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