Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekly Chart: 8/18-8/24

Hey, remember these?

This week's chart is dominated, of course, by Dave Matthews Band. First, the continuing euphoria from Friday's concert -- in fact, I spent quite a bit of time listening to the bootleg of that same show. And then the tragic news of LeRoi Moore's passing kept them in rotation for a few more days. I still can't believe he's gone, ya know? Still can't quite get a handle on it.

In other news, we've got a new Metallica single, "The Day That Never Comes," which gets an A-plus in my book. Lewis Black released a new stand-up album, which is also fantastic. An article I ran across in The Onion A.V. Club inspired me to listen to Stone Temple Pilots for the first time in years. And then there's the usual suspects. You know them when you see them.
  1. Dave Matthews Band (46)
  2. Metallica (22)
  3. The New Pornographers (18)
  4. Radiohead (15)
  5. Our Lady Peace (14)
  6. Stone Temple Pilots (11)
  7. Lewis Black (10)
  8. The Hold Steady (7)
  9. Muse (6)
  10. Flight of the Conchords (6)
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