Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's not the colors that matter, only that they all fade away

It's been a few days, obviously. But you know by now: LeRoi Moore is dead. The great saxophonist died from complications from injuries sustained in an ATV accident in June.

There are no words, of course. But Roi never spoke much, anyway.

Instead, here's some music. I've posted this video before. But it's my favorite LeRoi performance -- you'll have to wait to get there, to about 4:40, but you'll be glad you waited.

Rest in peace, sir. You were an inspiration.

That's our blood down there
Seems poured from the hands of angels
It trickles into the ground
Leaves the warehouse so bare and empty
But my heart's numbered beat will echo in this empty room
And fear wells in me
But nothing seems big enough to go
So I'm going away
Though you know I'd love to stay

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