Saturday, September 13, 2003

I saw a film today, oh boy

I scraped together some quarters today, headed down to Movies 12 and saw Matchstick Men. Talk about a pleasant surprise. Consider me back on the Nick Cage bandwagon after this and Adaptation. But the best part here is Alison Lohman, who is wonderful as Cage's long-lost daughter. And Ridley Scott's visual style is superb. Call it ****...only the second movie I've seen in theaters this year to reach that. Blech.

But good news: there are good movies on the horizon. Some of the ones I'm looking forward to, in order of can't-wait-edness....

The Return of the King -- Who isn't waiting for this?

Kill Bill, Vol. 1 -- So I'm a Tarantino mark. This still looks awesome.

Mystic River -- Good lord, have you seen this cast? Plus Eastwood behind the camera? I am SO there.

Intolerable Cruelty -- Yeah, the trailer doesn't exactly inspire confidence, but it's the Coens! How bad could it be? ...Don't answer that.

Cold Mountain -- Nicole Kidman, directed by Anthony Minghella. That's all I know, but that's enough for me.

Love, Actually -- Yet another great cast. Yeah, it's a romantic comedy. So what?

The Rundown -- Call me crazy, but I loved the trailer. So the Rock's filmography is less than spectacular, but it's way better than Hogan's.

The Last Samurai -- The full trailer I saw today cemented it -- this is gonna be either really good or really bad. Either way, I can't wait.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico -- ...hey, that opened today, didn't it? All right!

The Matrix Revolutions -- sure, Reloaded was only barely a success, but I'm still optmistic. Am I being foolish?

So hopefully, this awful summer will be nothing but a bad memory soon.

And though the news was rather sad
Well, I just had to laugh

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